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What can you put in a skip?

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Skips provide a cost-effective solution for managing large amounts of waste from home projects like renovations, gardening, and household cleanups. Selecting a trusted skip hire company like Wavertree Waste is crucial for proper waste disposal.

However, it’s equally essential for users to understand what’s allowed in the skip to avoid issues. Incorrect disposal can lead to non-collection, extra charges, or the return of the skip for a later pickup, all of which are costly and time-consuming. Skips have limitations on what can be placed in them, so it’s vital to cover the skip when unattended, like overnight, to prevent misuse.

Contact Wavertree Waste at 0151 734 3431 to inquire about skip hire, where we can help you choose the right skip size and provide guidance.

What can I put in a skip?

When dealing with specific items like garden waste, wood, or construction debris, it may be necessary to rent a dedicated skip. It’s crucial to consult your skip hire company regarding their specific skip restrictions, as the list below is not exhaustive. However, in general, the following items can usually be placed in a skip:

  • Food waste and packaging
  • Household domestic waste
  • Green garden waste
  • Old furniture
  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Clean, empty paint containers
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Bricks and construction rubble
  • Tiles and ceramics
  • Old bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Always clarify the accepted items for your specific project, and inquire about any prohibited materials to avoid fines or additional charges upon collection.

What you can’t put in a skip?

Here’s a list of items prohibited in skips rented from Wavertree Waste. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to inquire with your selected provider about any restrictions.

Appliances & electrical items

Large electrical appliances like ovens, washing machines, and fridge freezers usually need to be dismantled, with each part recycled or disposed of separately. This applies to electronics like TVs, computers, and smaller devices such as microwaves as well. Some appliance components can pose hazards to people, the environment, and property, so they can’t be handled at regular recycling centers or disposed of in landfills. Appliances are often bulky and heavy, making them unsafe for skip transport. Gas appliances like cookers may be an exception in some cases, but it’s best to inquire first.


Tyres are typically not accepted by skip hire companies due to their challenging disposal. It’s best to contact a specialised tyre collection or recycling firm for proper handling. If you’re replacing tyres at a local garage, they can usually dispose of the old ones correctly. The tyres undergo a de-pollution process to remove oil and dirt before being shredded. The rubber can be recycled and used for construction, AstroTurf, or road surfaces. As for AstroTurf, it’s another material that’s not suitable for skips due to its rubber content. Some skip companies may collect it with an extra charge if you notify them.


Batteries, despite their small size, can contain harmful chemicals. It’s important not to dispose of them in skips. Instead, use dedicated recycling points at local disposal centers or supermarkets. Recycling batteries can recover useful components for plastics, materials, and even future batteries.

Paints, fuel, and solvents

Liquid-based solvents are considered hazardous waste and are typically not accepted by skip hire companies due to licensing and certification constraints. Empty and clean containers may sometimes be placed in a skip but are usually managed with the waste itself.

To dispose of hazardous waste properly, seek a licensed disposal service, which may be provided by your local council. Alternatively, certain skip hire companies, like Speedy Services, offer enclosed skips in various sizes (6 to 16 yards) specifically designed for hazardous or sensitive waste disposal.

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders contain potentially dangerous substances, and skip hire companies typically lack the expertise to handle them safely. Instead, return the cylinder to a store where it can be reused or refilled. Some companies specialise in recycling the container materials.


Plasterboard can emit colourless but harmful gases, and mixing it with other items can cause contamination. To dispose of plasterboard properly, locate a nearby dedicated recycling plant for this material.


Mattresses are not allowed in skips due to their size and weight, which can make them unsafe to transport. However, some companies offer mattress collection services, recycling their components after collection.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste, including needles and sharp items, should never be placed in a skip due to safety concerns. Keep your skip covered to avoid potential charges for improper disposal.

Choose Wavertree Waste for your local skip hire service

Understanding what can and cannot be placed in a skip is essential to ensure a smooth and cost-effective waste disposal process.

While skips are a convenient solution for many types of waste, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines provided by Wavertree Waste.

Avoiding prohibited items not only ensures your safety and compliance with regulations but also contributes to responsible waste management. If you have any doubts about specific items or need assistance with waste disposal, don’t hesitate to reach out to Wavertree Waste.

By working together, we can make waste disposal more efficient, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free.

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