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How much is a RoRo skip?

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Businesses are always looking for efficient ways to streamline their methods of removing waste.

Roll on roll off skips, also known as RoRo’s, are a versatile and effective option for handling large amounts of waste.

So, let’s take a closer look at RoRo skips and their benefits to your domestic or commercial waste removal needs.

What is a RoRo?

RoRo skips are large skips that handle bulky waste such as construction debris, industrial waste, and large volumes of waste. Their design allows them to be easily loaded and unloaded onto a specialised hook lift truck, making them a popular choice for businesses and sectors that generate substantial volumes of waste.

How much is a RoRo skip?

How much a RoRo skip costs depends on a variety of factors:

  • Size – RoRo skips come in different sizes, and larger skips will generally cost more than their smaller counterparts. At Wavertree Waste, our RoRo skips come in 20 to 40 yards.
  • Skip hire duration – How long you hire your RoRo skip for will impact the overall cost. A longer-term hire will cost you more than a shorter one.
  • Type of waste – The type of waste you need collecting will affect your skip hire quote. For example, if you need hazardous waste collecting, then you will generally be quoted more compared to general household waste due to special handling and disposal requirements.

For the most accurate quote on your RoRo skip, get in touch with the team at Wavertree Waste and we can offer you a personalised price based on your needs and circumstances.

What are the benefits of a RoRo skip?

Roll on roll off skips offer several unique benefits for commercial and domestic customers alike, making them an all-round popular choice for businesses and industries dealing with large volumes of waste.

High capacity

RoRo skips are generally larger compared to standard skips, and so act as a high-capacity solution for handling large amounts of waste. As such, they are ideal for construction sites, industrial facilities, and other environments that generate significant waste volumes.

Efficient loading and unloading

The RoRo’s design allows it to be easily loaded and unloaded onto a specialised truck for transportation and drop off at the disposal site. This improves overall efficiency, saving time and effort for those involved in removing the waste.


RoRo skips are flexible in that they can handle a wide range of waste types, including:

  • Construction waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Bulky waste
  • General household waste

This makes them suitable for many applications and settings where large volumes of waste are being removed.

Get your reliable, cost-effective RoRo skip today with Wavertree Waste

The right skip will make a world of difference in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations. At Wavertree Waste we know how important this is for domestic and commercial projects everywhere.

If you’re ready to enjoy the cost-effectiveness and reliability of a RoRo skip, then get in touch with Wavertree Waste today and we’ll tailor our waste management expertise to align perfectly with your needs.

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Chris Moore

"Good service ,skip delivered on time, the delivery driver was pleasant guy, placed the skip where I wanted on the garden, will use this service again."

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Michael Pullen

"Excellent. Due to a planning mistake on my behalf I needed a skip urgently. These guys took my call on a Thursday at midday and had a skip outside my house on the Friday. Everything was swift and easy with the pick up. Prices were reasonable and as quoted."

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Natasha Greenwood

"My go to when I need a skip, prices are great compared to other company's and staff are always polite on the phone."

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Shaun Reynolds

"They supply 2 of our businesses with General Waste Bins plus Glass Recycling bins. Pleasure to deal with, flexible service, always collect same day on time every week. Rapid response when needed and even carried out additional emergency collections on request. Highly recommended."

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