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Do I need a council permit to hire a skip?

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At this stage, you’ve likely chosen to hire a skip and identified the appropriate size. Now, the next step is deciding the skip’s placement. Typically, you’ll have three options: your property’s driveway, a public roadside location, or a business site. The choice of location will dictate whether a permit is required. “Do I need a permit for my skip?” is a frequently asked question, and we’re here to provide you with all the essential information regarding skip permits.

When will you need a permit for a skip?

The answer is relatively straightforward: no permit is required if you intend to place the skip on private land, like a driveway. However, if you plan to position it on the roadside or public highway, obtaining a skip permit from your local council is necessary.

Yet, it can become more nuanced.

Some exceptions exist where a permit may not be needed for roadside placement, particularly if the road is classified as unadopted. Unadopted roads are those not mandated for proper maintenance by the highway authority under the Highways Act 1980. Instead, property owners along these roads typically bear the responsibility for upkeep.

Unadopted roads are often found in tranquil residential areas with limited traffic, primarily serving local residents. Additionally, regulations regarding skip size on public highways may vary by region, as local councils set the specific rules. Generally, an 8-yard skip, commonly known as a builders skip, is the largest size permitted on public highways, which should suffice for most domestic skip hire needs.

Why do you need a permit on a public highway?

Skip permits are mandatory for any skips positioned on public highways. These permits, issued or denied by your local council, serve to ensure the safe placement of skips. Specific criteria must be met for a permit application to be approved. Skips cannot be placed where they might jeopardize road users’ safety, obstruct property access, excessively narrow the highway, or impede visibility at intersections or crossings.

Additionally, skip permits help regulate the number of skips allowed on the roads simultaneously. An excess of skips can pose various issues, as they occupy as much, if not more, space than a typical car, potentially affecting parking availability and disrupting traffic flow in the area.

Who arranges the permit?

The responsibility for obtaining a skip permit varies by location, based on local council regulations. At Wavertree Waste, we take care of arranging your skip permit and incorporate it into the overall cost of your skip hire for your convenience.

How long do skip permits last?

Skip permits typically have a duration of one to two weeks, although this can vary depending on your local council’s regulations. Many councils offer the option to extend the initial period for a fee. It’s important to note that keeping a skip beyond the permitted duration may result in fines.

How to check if a skip has a permit?

If you suspect a skip has been placed on a public highway without the necessary permit, you can either contact the skip hire company for clarification or reach out to the local council to verify if a permit has been issued for that location.

How much do skip permits cost?

The cost of a skip permit can vary based on your local area and the council’s fees. Factors such as skip size, hire duration, and borough size can impact the price. In some cases, larger boroughs may offer more competitive rates:

Merseyside Skip Hire Permit Costs 2023:

Liverpool 7 Day £20
Widnes 14 Day £40
St Helens 7 Day £30
Warrington 14 Day £40
Runcorn 14 Day £45
Frodsham 14 Day £45

What is a parking suspension fee?

If your skip is located in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), which includes residents’ parking, public parking, or metered spaces, you’ll require a parking suspension fee. This fee is distinct from regular parking fees and is intended to compensate for extra costs and potential revenue loss for the council. Costs can fluctuate widely depending on the location, with London CPZs potentially costing up to £100 per day. You can arrange this daily charge through the council or the owner of the parking area or land.

Are there any additional rules about skip permits?

Skip size restrictions on public highways can vary depending on your location and local council regulations. Typically, the largest permitted skip size on a public highway is an 8 Yard Skip, often referred to as a builders’ skip. This skip, which can hold 60-80 bin bags, is a common choice for construction projects and larger domestic tasks. However, it’s important to note that according to Section 139 of the Highways Act 1980, placing a builders’ skip on a highway requires permission from the highway authority.

What happens if a skip on a public highway doesn’t have a permit?

Placing a skip on a public highway without a permit is illegal and can result in the removal of the skip without notice. Additionally, you may be subject to a fine of up to £1000. To ensure safety, a minimum of four traffic cones must be used to mark the approach to the skip, and at night, lights must be attached to the corners of the skip and placed between each cone, with the lights remaining lit throughout the night.

Get a permit included when you hire a skip from Wavertree Waste

If you’re ready to hire a skip and need a council permit, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Our team at Wavertree Waste can handle all the permit arrangements for you, making the process hassle-free. So, whether you’re planning a home renovation, a major cleanup, or any project that requires a skip, click through to our website now to book your skip and permit. We’re here to make your waste removal experience smooth and efficient. Book with us today!

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