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What is biomass woodchip ?

Biomass woodchip is a renewable energy source that can be used to produce heat, electricity, and various forms of biofuels. It is derived from organic matter such as:

  • Plants 
  • Trees 
  • Crops 
  • Algae 
  • Organic waste materials

Energy is extracted from biomass woodchip through combustion, where it is burned to produce heat for heating or converted into electricity through steam turbines. 

The renewable nature of biomass energy comes from the fact that organic matter is continuously generated, and it is also considered low-emitting and carbon-neutral because any CO2 released during the combustion process is roughly equal to the amount absorbed during its initial growth.

BIomass Plant Liverpool

Why use our recycled biomass woodchip fuel?

At Wavertree we have an established, robust supply of biomass woodchip fuel, ensuring you receive the best low moisture, low ash, high density, 100% virgin timber recycled wood pellets throughout the year that meet the highest quality standard in Europe. 

Wavertree Waste is a fully accredited supplier of biomass woodchip fuel, being proud members of the Biomass Suppliers List, a renowned selection of companies whose biomass fuel has been recognised as being of the highest standards. 

At Wavertree, we empower the people of Liverpool to choose renewable heating by manufacturing and delivering carbon-neutral biomass woodchip fuel to domestic and commercial customers throughout the North West.

Get your high-quality biomass woodchip with Wavertree today

We make biomass woodchip easy for you. We have a vast supply of high-quality, Grade A biomass fuel available at our disposal to start warming your home or office the green way today. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything else.

We cover Merseyside and the North West, so you can access our deep supply of eco-friendly biomass woodchip fuel at the affordable rates that you deserve. To save time and money on your biomass woodchip needs, call us at 0151 734 3431 or use the contact form here.

Biomass Fuel


How is biomass woodchip different from fossil fuel?

biomass woodchip fuel is derived from organic matter and is considered renewable as it can be replenished naturally, whereas fossil fuels such as coal and oil are formed from much older, non-renewable organic material that emits more CO2.

Can biomass woodchip fuel be used in an existing heating system?

Biomass woodchip fuel can often be used in existing heating systems with certain modifications. This depends on things like:

- Type of system
- Fuel requirements
- Available infrastructure

Before modifying your current heating to allow for use with biomass fuel, we suggest you get in touch with biomass energy experts to assess the compatibility of your heating systems with biomass to see if any necessary adaptations need to be made.

What are the maintenance requirements for biomass woodchip fuel systems?

Biomass woodchip fuel systems tend to require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This may include:

- Periodic cleaning
- Ash removal
- Fuel quality checks
- Routine inspections

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